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December 12, 2013

Christmas Snow Globes

Hey all!

This year my roomies and I decided to get each person a small present for Christmas instead of doing a Secret Santa-esque gift giving.  Being the thrifty type, I decided to make the girls' gifts instead of purchasing them.  Now, we didn't really set a price limit (we just mentioned to get stuff under $10), so while the gifts I made most likely cost around $5, the other girls spent a little more than that.  But they ended up loving their gifts so it didn't really matter :)

With the help of my mom's creative brain and a little Pinterest inspiration, I came up with the idea of doing cute snow globes.  I am going to show you what I did in preparing these in hopes that you guys would attempt them too! They were super easy and took maybe 10 minutes to make.

-A mason jar
-2 to 3 bottle brush Christmas trees (I found mine at Michael's)
-A figurine for a focal point, I used snow men but it would be very cute with little deer or forest animals
-Fake snow
-Ribbon or string
-Cupcake liner (optional)
-Glue gun

First off, get all your supplies together and your glue gun heated up.  I found things to prop up the little tree and the snowman because they were a little too short.

I put the large tree in first by putting hot glue on the base and lowering it down into the jar with a pair of tweezers. Make sure the Kerr logo is facing away from you so you can actually see the snowman! Next went the little tree, and lastly the snowman, which I tried to place in the front.

Next is the fun part - add the snow!  (Please excuse my chipped nail polish)

You have to shake the glass around a little bit to get the snow leveled.  Here is what my snow globe looked like once I did this:

Cute, right? :) Now, you can stop there and just place the lid back on, but of course because I am a girly at heart I wanted to add some special touches.  Instead of the metal lid, I used a cupcake liner and screwed the ring on over it.

Lastly, I used some red bakers twine to finish the snow globe off.

I absolutely love these little guys! I hope you do too :) Happy Holidays!

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December 5, 2013

The Changing of Seasons

I am absolutely in love with the fall and winter seasons.  It is probably my favorite feeling in the world when I first notice the reds and oranges beginning their task of transforming the beautiful trees in town, or the very first rainstorm of the season. I don't think you understand HOW happy I am right now, so to get you a little closer on the excitement spectrum to me, here are some pictures of inspiration I have been collecting :)

These beautiful pictures represent some of my favorite parts of the holidays.  What are yours?

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