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August 4, 2013


I love discovering new music.  There is something so exhilarating about finding a new artist or band that has created sounds you have never heard before, that inspires and brings about new emotions and feelings.

One of the newest bands I have discovered is one dubbed "Sucre", with singer Stacey King of the band Eisley, drummer Darren King of Mutemath, and talented instrumentalist Jeremy Larson.  This band mixes Stacey's dreamlike vocals with some very whimsical beats to form a completely different type of music than the kind heard on the radio nowadays.  They have one album out, A Minor Bird, that debuted April 10, 2012.

The music this band has created is so unique and impeccably created that my attention was caught right off the bat.  In my opinion, Sucre is similar to the artist Imogen Heap (hopefully some of you know who she is!).  Sucre's music is so different, though, that it's hard to find a correlation between them and other bands out there.  I believe this actually a good thing because it means that they have come out with music that is all their own.

Turning up one of Sucre's songs is the equivalent of crawling under the covers on a particularly cold night - warm, dreamy, and oh-so-sweet. With Stacey's silky voice and fantastic melodies to match, I hope that the minute you listen to this band you fall just as much in love with it as I have.

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