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July 27, 2015

Galway Week 4

July 21 - July 26

This week went by super fast! We spent the majority of the week working on homework and getting ready for finals, which are already next week. It is starting to hit everyone that we only have a few days left, which is pretty sad.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent mainly recuperating from the weekend trip to Cork and trying to stay on top of school work.  We have one 8 page paper, one 12 page paper, and a final all due next week, and the work is starting to catch up with us all.

Thursday we headed downtown and did a little shopping.  We spent some time down around the shops, enjoying the small amounts of time we have left here in Galway.  We went to class in the afternoon, and then later that night headed back to town with a group of friends.  It was surprisingly sunny out, and so we sat down by the water for a little bit enjoying the weather and the people out and about.

We headed to a good pub, the Kings Head, which is pretty well known around Galway.  We stayed there for awhile, enjoying our time and the live music that was playing.  This pub is a lot bigger than some we have been to so it was fun to find a good table and not be squished into a tiny bar.

Friday we spent working on some more homework and attending classes.  That night we visited Erin's french friend again, who made us delicious crepes for dinner. First we had savory crepes with eggs, ham, and cheese, which I had never had before.  Afterwards we had dessert crepes, which were so good.  It was fun talking to her about Paris, since we will be there in a few weeks.  She taught us a few french phrases we should know and told us some of the places we should visit, such as Versailles and the Louvre. I was so full coming home that night!

The rest of the weekend went by in a blur.  Saturday night we went down to the Kings Head again, but this time we went for dinner at the restaurant in the pub called the Chop House.  I got a delicious burger and a brownie with ice cream for dessert. It was delicious! (Side note - for some reason all of their burgers here taste like meatloaf...not sure why, but they're still pretty good)

We sat in the pub for a few hours afterwards, enjoying our time together.  Because our last week here is also finals week, we haven't been sure how much more time we'll have to spend with other people in the program so we are trying to take advantage of the rest of the time we have.

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