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February 8, 2014

DIY: Framed Calendar

I like planning things.  It was just how I was raised. I have learned to be a little more spontaneous over the years, but I still inwardly cringe every time I ask the question "What time should we plan on?" and I hear the response "Oh, whenever. We'll figure it out". Its not that I don't greatly admire those who are so readily carefree and don't need to plan, I just do not fit into that category.  Anyone feel my pain?

If you do, I have a perfect DIY project for you that will aid in your planning prowess. This cool thing is essentially a dry erase calendar made from paint chips and a cute frame.  I have seen quite a few of these on Pinterest, but I figured I would recreate it for you guys :) Also, I just really wanted one for myself....anyhoo, here are the supplies needed:

-35 paint chips of varying colors
(I chose a different color set for each set of days and created a gradient from light to dark for each. You can get these at Home Depot)
-14x8 inch frame
(You can choose a different size but the measurements will be different. Michael's coupon app to the rescue!)
-glue stick
-poster board
-dry erase markers

First off you are going to want to cut your poster board to fit your frame.

After this, you will start cutting your paint chips.  If you have a paper cutter around that would be super handy, but you can use scissors too.  For the day markers you will cut 2 by 2.25 inch squares, 5 for each day of the week (35 total).  Along with this you will need to cut 7 smaller rectangles, 1 by 2.25 inches each.  These will be used as labels for the days of the week.

Once you are done cutting all of these, you will start gluing them to the poster board.  This part was kind of tricky for me because there were a lot of measurements involved. Basically I worked from the top to the bottom.  Make sure you start measuring from the pre-cut side of the poster board (not the side you cut by hand) because this will ensure straight measurements.

I glued the small labels on first.  You may want to lay out a few rows first before gluing so you can measure the distances in between each of them.  Keep in mind that about 1/4 of an inch of the poster board will be covered by the edges of the frame when you put it in. Look below to see the dimensions I used for mine. Once you have figured out the spacing, just start gluing!

Once all of the paint chips are glued on and dry, insert the calendar into the frame and you are done. You are now free to write down all of your monthly to-do's! All you need is a paper towel to wipe it off.

Thats all, folks.  Happy planning! 

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