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June 27, 2013

To Love

I am going to state this upfront – I am Christian, and I will occasionally write posts about my faith. If you enjoy reading them, awesome. If you have any questions about my faith or who my God is, please don't hesitate to ask me questions.  I would be happy to answers them!  So, with that said, here goes....

The single most important commandment that God has for us is to love.  To love the people you are closest to, your acquaintances, and the people you see walking down the street.  

Megan Fate, an incredibly inspirational woman and speaker, gave a message at a church I went to this past Sunday.  There were many aspects of her words that stuck with me, but the most memorable would be this: “Love people in a way they don’t deserve because you are loved in a way you don’t deserve.” 

I have to say that there are only a select few people in my life that I can love easily.  The people included in this bunch would probably be my mom, dad and brother...the rest of the people I have a bit of a harder time with.  I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have a hard time loving every single aspect of a person, good and bad.  Just that morning before Megan’s talk I was at work, and I was very frustrated with my boss.  Scratch that – EXTREMELY frustrated.  I won’t go into the details, but lets just say I was trying not to pull my hair out piece by piece.  I, of course, went home and vented to my family for what seemed like hours. I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do but it made me feel good for the time being.  

That night I went to my church with some friends and heard these words on loving people, and I knew God had  brought me their for a reason – I needed to hear that.  It is hard for anyone to love certain people. Who we are sometimes just does not mix with others around us, and this can lead to tons of problems.  Even when you get along with someone extremely well there are certain things that they do that can, well, piss you off.  

While this may be the case, I believe we need to love everyone simply for who they are.  God created every single one of us perfect in his eyes, and while we may not see this, he does, and he loves them.  These people, some whom you may like and some you may not, are God’s people, and to love them is to love Him.  Love the people around you, whether you like them or not, because God loved you first. You may not deserve this love, and neither may the people on the receiving end, but its what God created you to do.  Pass on the incredible love that God shows you everyday, so others may do the same.  Who knows? It may just change the world. 

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