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June 22, 2013

This Week

The past week has been so relaxing!  I finished finals last friday, packed up my dorm, and officially ended my first year in college. Friday night we drove back home to our beach town and got stuck in hours of traffic -- the family wasn't too happy about that, but we got home safe and sound.  That weekend we ate tons of delicious food in celebration of my homecoming, hung out at the local nursery, did some gardening, and more.  We celebrated Father's Day Sunday, my brothers birthday the next, and hung out at our cozy home by the beach the rest of the week.  It has been so amazing to be home and give my brain a break after being away at school all year.  Reading a book on our front porch, dogs by my feet and the salty breeze swirling around me -- that is my definition of summer, and I am so excited to feel this way for the next few months :)

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