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June 23, 2013


About a week ago some of my friends asked me to take pictures of them for their apartment next year.  I was a little hesitant to accept because I have never done a group session before, but I took the risk and did it.  I had it all planned out -- we would go to the beach first and get some pre-sunset pictures in, then head off to the beautiful sweet pea field we had found a while back to shoot some pictures during the sunset.  Everything was fine and dandy until we realized that a heavy fog was rolling in from the coast.  I was a little pissed that it wasn't turning out as planned (perfectionist me kicked in as per usual), but the girls reassured me that they were fine with clouds and we continued on.  So we went to the beach, then the sweet pea fields, and then ended up at a cool road on the way back.  Even though the golden sun wasn't there to light up the shots, I think they turned out pretty cool, and I had a blast!  I have never been super confident in my photography skills, but it was so fun to shoot photos of these girls and see their reactions when they were done.  They were insanely happy with the outcome and it made me feel a little better :).  We even hit up McDonalds afterwards for some late night fries, which I have to say ended the night on a particularly good note (even though the greasy goodness didn't sit too well later). 

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